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NOTICE: The angle services provided by Anglesaurus are to be used as a supportive services; meaning a resource for additional ideas to test. It is not guaranteed, and there’s no refund policy. Keep that in mind before ordering.

What Anglesaurus Can Do For You

Hey this is iAmAttila, and I created Anglesaurus to address a serious need. A lot of my affiliate marketing friends told me they HATE coming up with angles.   Others told me this is the hardest part for them.    Luckily I employ quite a few people in my team, and have a bunch of
really creative ones that could come up with endless ammount of angles in their sleep.   So let’s put them to good use.   If you need angles
for an offer you are thinking of running/testing,   contact us and let us know what the offer is and where you want to run it.
It’s super important to have an idea of the platform or traffic source type you want to run it on, because now-a-days there are different
rules. For example, what you might be able to do on a DSP or mobile pops, you might not be able to get approved on Google Display.

Our Services:


All kinds of angles for ads. – 200$ per 10 angles.

Advertorial copywriting

Advertorial copywriting includes journalist-like approach for the texts that are used to increase credibility. These advertisements are put in a form of a 3rd party unbiased review of a service or product. – (500 – 2000 words)

Corporate copywriting

Corporate copywriting includes website content for corporate presentations. It is possible to include consulting on the best practices concerning the website organization, customer journey creation, and content development.Price / per page

NLP Landing Pages

NLP landing pages include not only a sales oriented text but also some of the best Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques as well. They are ideal for increasing the landing page conversions. Techniques used can vary from anchoring, future pacing, reframing, swish, parts integration, ecology, and well-formed outcome, to the advanced modelling and application of meta models. Pricing /Per landing page (up to 2000 words), depending on the techniques used.

Landing Page Copywriting

This service includes copywriting of a full content for landing pages. Includes introduction part, challenges, solutions, and testimonials, with conclusions and calls to action in the end. – (up to 2000 words)

Marketing material copywriting (presentations, leaflets, business cases)

Marketing material can include both online and hard copy means of communication. Brochures, business cases, leaflets, and presentations are unavoidable in all spheres of business. Creating a compelling content for those, which will underline VALUE and BENEFITS instead of just listing your services can make a huge difference on the market.Pricing /Per page (graphic elements not included)

How Much Does It Cost?

Our price is simple, 10 angles for $200 dollars. That’s it.

For more information about our services please contact us using the form above!

What Our Clients Have To Say

“I hate coming up with angles, so when I read on STM that there’s this service I had to try it.  I run app installs, so I need new angles all the time.   I placed an order and received 14 angles (4 more than I paid for) and tested them right away.  2 days later,  one of the angles did so well it made me $400 profit right away.  I swear this service is dirt cheap at this price and they could charge more for it.”

“I’m a programmer who is big into automating everything I can;  unfortunately I am not creative person at all; I am more a logical person who is great at math.   This service is a godsent for people like me who are not creative. Thanks”

“I’m pretty creative, so I thought I’d give Anglesaurus a try to see if they can come up with an angle or idea that I might have missed.
After placing an order I received my new angles in just 6 hours, and was quite shocked when they put a new spit to my offer from a
perspective that never crossed my mind.   I’ll be using anglesaurus everytime I run out of ideas to help supplement them. It’s like having a partner to brainstorm with,   but without having to give up 50% of profits. “